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Current Exhibition


Claire Thomas

3rd - 28th August 2022 - Exhibition

I hope that I too am a map maker, recording changes on landscape, the lines, tracks and landmarks that are revealed or hidden over time, of the human impact upon the land, shaping the way we understand how it was and is used.  Like a diarist recording a moment in time; the weather, the seasons, this all helps me to interpret my surroundings, making the viewer perhaps see something new, making them look again.  Like the mapmakers, I too manipulate my image.  Through layers of paint, use of colour and mark making, I am guided by traditional landscape painting practices but enjoy experimenting and adding an abstract element too.


Janet Wildey

10th - 14th August 2022 - Pop-up Studio

Janet was born in Wimborne in Dorset where she attended the Queen Elizabeth School.

Since completing Art School in 1983 she has used her artistic skills in graphics, illustration, cartoons and comic strips working for the Civil Aviation Authority and then in Luxembourg for JPMorganFleming in advertising.

Following her return to the UK she worked as a portrait artist at three local holiday parks painting portraits of people and animals. She now teaches, demonstrates and works from her studio in Colehill.

Over the years her passion for portraying people and animals has led her to work in many different mediums and she currently enjoys working in mixed media.