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1 November – 31 December

Inspire returns to fill the Gallery with a wide variety of craft from beautifully delicate collectables to fun affordable pieces.

The team at Walford Mill Crafts have hand picked a distinctive collection of work each carefully handcrafted by skilled makers, helping you to find those all important gifts this festive season.  Browse and buy from a collection of work from over 300 makers, local and national, affordable and collectable.

Join us for a late night shopping evening on Thursday 4th December from 5:30-8:00pm with 10% off everything!


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Wood and Fibre

13th September – 26th October 2014

Hand printed cushions on an exquisitely crafted bench; embroidered cloths on a highly polished table; woven fabric upholstering a stool. 

This exhibition explores aspects of the relationship between furniture and textiles - occasionally

predictable, often surprising, always beautiful.

A fusion of beautiful handmade wooden furniture together with delicate hand woven, stitched and sewn textiles. Curated by Anne Hitchcock of the Slade Centre in Gillingham.

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In the Dead of Night

12th July - 31st August 2014


Inspired by nocturnal animals, this exhibition highlights work created by makers who are inspired by creatues that appear in the 'dead of night.'

Foxes, bats, owls and cats! See how makers feature such animals within contemporary craft, from textiles to print, enamel and ceramics. 

East Dorset Bat rescue will be providing an oppportunity to meet some of their bats at a family talk here on the 12th July from 2.00 - 3.30pm

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Dresses and Darnings

24 May – 6 July 2014

This solo show by Jenni Dutton brings together, for the first time, her work from several series over the past 20 years. 

Using a wide variety of materials and techniques, she uses a breadth of knowledge to explore issues around memory, identity and loss through the subject of the female form. 

From a collection of Conceptual Clothing pieces to the Mosaic series where reclaimed objects and broken china are assembled onto a mannequin-like figure, she has experimented with different approaches, including mixed media textiles, sculpture, installation and painting. 

Her current preoccupation with the complexities of the mother /daughter relationship can be seen in the Dementia Darnings, large woven portraits of the artist’s mother from childhood to old age.

A visitor testimonial: 7/7/14

I visited Jenni Dutton's exhibition yesterday and thought it was really excellent. I felt that the Dementia Darnings were no less thought provoking than portraits I've seen exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery; it's great to have something so interesting to see exhibited locally. I would imagine that this series of portraits may also have beneficial therapeutic qualities for people who are caring for loved ones with dementia. The work engaging with the theme of museums and mending (specifically the dolls & mirrors) I thought was really pertinent to discussions within anthropology/material culture about museums and representation. For all of the above reasons, I hope that these works get plenty more opportunities to be exhibited.
It was a really fascinating way to spend an hour or two, thanks to Jenni and thanks to Walford Mill."

You can some photos of this exhibition here


Unfold: Exploring the Process of


5th April - 18th May 2014


This exhibition brings together a number of creative practitioners who have combined their mediums to produce new and innovative work.

Explore how these makers have embraced the idea of experimentation and the sharing of knowledge to further develop their collaborative skills.

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Cabinets of Curiosities

15 February – 30 March 2014

Collecting the extraordinary and mysterious has been a human instinct for centuries.
‘Cabinets of Curiosity’ were a compilation of remarkable things which showcased the owner’s knowledge through natural, man-made and mechanical oddities, both large and small.

This exhibition presents a contemporary interpretation of the tradition and in turn offers a chance to investigate and learn in a stimulating way.
We hope visitors will be both inspired and challenged by this unusual presentation.

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Tactile Textiles

11th January - 9th February 2014


Walford Mill Crafts start the year with a colourful and engaging textile exhibition with work that is tactile and can be enjoyed by all.

The work featured throughout the exhibition has been designed for the visually impaired and encourages visitors to touch and interact with each piece, experiencing Craft in a new way.

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