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Explorations in Enamel

12th September - 31st October


Discover the work of a selection of makers specialising in enamel. 

There is a real diversity of approches to innovative and experimental work in enamel happening across the country at the moment. Here we offer a gorgeous glimpse of enamel's potential.

Join us in celebration of this fantastic new exhibition with a late night special event.



18th July - 6th September 2015


What does home mean to you? 

This exhibition focuses on exploring the place where we live, inside and out, through the work of makers who create work relating to buildings, use the house as a symbol in their work or explore the concept of home through their creative practice.

Discover the work of makers including Maxine Sutton, Debbie Smyth, Betty Pepper, Hanna Sawtell, Ruth Allen and Caren Garfen.


Yan Tan Tethera

6 June – 12 July


This exhibition explores the rich vein of folk songs and dances that have emanated from, and been inspired by, England's textiles industry.

Yan Tan Tethera was originally commissioned by the English Folk Dance and Song Society and curated by sonic visual artist David Littler as an inspirational project celebrating the wonderful wealth of textile songs in England.

The contemporary work has been made in reponse to influences such as the laments of Coventry ribbon weavers, protests of Preston Steam-loom strikers and Huddersfield loom breakers, as well as the processes and sounds of making; strutching and hackling to the rhythms of the spinning wheel, the din of the weaving shed, the punching of digital embroidery machines and the hum of the 3d printer. 

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25th April - 31st May 2015

Jilly Edwards is one of the UK's Leading Tapestry weavers. 

The tapestries in this exhibition explore journeys Jilly has taken through different landscapes. 


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Spring Boody

7th March - 19th April 2015

Enjoy Cleo Mussi's depictions of Spring in all its burgeoning glory in her intricate boody ware panels, where fragments of broken crockery have been transformed to explore a world of nature's plenty from bunny figures with their offspring to baskets overflowering with flowers.


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Knit 1, Mend 1, Keep 1, Change 1. 


17th January - 1st March 2015


Exploring ideas around sustainabilty, slow fashion and meaning through the work of makers innovating and questioning approaches to knitting and ownership, this

exhibition will enable you to find out about the stitch-hacking and pattern-blagging approach of maker and researcher Amy Twigger Holroyd alongside Bridget Harvey's 'A Jumper to Mend, a Jumper to Lend' project.  Explore the work of Celia Pym, an artist who thinks of herself as a mending detective.


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