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Walford Mill Crafts in Wimborne Dorset

Ruth Dresman 

16th January – 26th of February 2017  


A solo show by Ruth Dresman. 
Vessels in coloured glass.  

With work sold across Europe and the US, shown in museums 
and seen in major public art commissions – internationally renowned glass artist Ruth Dresman is bringing her distinctive designs to Walford Mill Crafts this month. 

The beautifully subtle, fluid imagery is largely drawn from nature and worked by hand as she sandblasts fine layers of glass to create effects of colour and texture that often suggest worlds within worlds. 
The pieces have all been designed and decorated by Ruth who works with glassmakers James Devereux and Katie Huskie in the blowing process to create the right forms and flow for each design.

“Glass requires a very decisive approach,” she says. “So decisions on the precise combinations of colours are made long before any breath enters the glass and I’ll have anticipated how the weight should be distributed to create a balanced piece.”

Having drawn the design onto the cooled glass and protected it with a durable plastic film, Ruth cuts lines to make a single-use stencil before carefully blasting away layers to create the intended intensity of colour and pattern.

The finished forms are polished and cut in collaboration with fellow glass artist Steve Frey, adding a further co-operative dimension to the work.

“It means I am directly part of a team at least part of the time,” says Ruth. “Otherwise it can be a rather isolated existence being a person in a shed making things that take a long time.”