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10 November – 7 January


Makers and staff would like to invite you to join us for a special Christmas Exhibition featuring delightful new and existing collections to inspire those perfect holiday gifts.

EBB 'N' FLOW - Jane Atkinson - Lace, Place and Climate

15 September - 28 October 2018


A meditation on a vulnerable Dorset landscape under pressure from climate change, in contemporary bobbin lace.

The gallery in the heart of the mill is now filled with the very beautiful work of Jane Atkinson, an extraordinary lace maker. 

The exhibition includes an international showcase of work by other contemporary lace makers.
Additional work is on show at the Priest's House Museum in the centre of Wimborne.
For more details on the work on show and the workshop programme which accompanies the exhibition, please click here.

Julie Massie - "Porcelain Edges"

14th of July - 3rd of September 2018


Julie Massie is inspired by the Jurassic coastline and its fragility due to erosion by waves. Her work reflects both the fragile wave edges, and strong, destructive waves in winter, as expressed in the greys and blues of the colours she uses. Her work also explores the senses of touch, sight and sound.
Julie Massie’s work incorporates shards of stained porcelain paper clay fired to 1260° C. The porcelain is not glazed but colour is added using chemicals or commercial stains. Porcelain tiles are either framed or stitched to canvas to create wall hangings. The works shown here were created for the COLLECT17 exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2017.
She enjoys watching people’s responses to her work – what does it feel like? How does it sound? Will it shatter? Visitors are encouraged to touch the work and are invited to walk between the hangings so that their senses become immersed in the artwork.
A former secondary-school teacher, Julie Massie completed an MA in Ceramics at UCA Farnham in 2016.


16 June 2018 - 1 July 2018 


Walford Mill Crafts is delighted to present a selection of works by Year 9 (age 13/14) and Year 12 (age 16/17) Students from Queen Elizabeth School, Wimborne.

Year 9 Surreal Food Sculptures

These pieces have been created by students exploring the idea of combining multiple images to explore composition in a more three-dimensional form. They have been challenged to consider formal elements such as texture and colour.

Year 12 Art students began their A Level journey by completing a series of outcomes and workshops to revisit and build upon key skills and techniques such as observational drawing, printmaking and colour theory.

In addition to this they were then asked to create an Abstract outcome which explored their response to words, sound & touch.


5 May 2018 - 10 June 2018 


Walford Mill Crafts is delighted to present a selection of works by some of the very best makers in Dorset, all of whom have been selected to feature in the recently published ’50 Dorset Makers’.

The makers were chosen by Professor Simon Olding, Director of the Crafts Study Centre at UCA in Farnham and together form the group which has become known as Making Dorset

Threads of Narrative

3rd of March - 22nd of April 2018


Textile Artists Lisa Earley and Sarah Appleton present their responses to the Bankes' family archive which is held at Dorset History Centre. 

The Bankes family lived in Wimborne's Kingston Lacy house from 1640-1980, before it was gifted to the National Trust.  

As part of the engagement for this project, Lisa and Sarah will be working with Foundation Fashion students from Southampton Solent University, Walford Mill Crafts resident Patchwork groups and St Mary's middle school Puddletown.

There will be a talk by Lead Artist Lisa Earley at 11am on the 10th March, in which Lisa will talk about the process of this artist's commission, explain the research and creative techniques used and discuss the outcomes.

Wessex Bound

13th of January - 25th of February 2018


The Wessex Guild of Bookbinders celebrate their 50th Anniversary at Walford Mill Crafts. 

Alongside this exhibition there will be book binding demonstrations every Saturday in the gallery from 11am - 4pm.

The Wessex Guild of Bookbinders was formed with the aim of keeping alive and promoting the ancient craft of bookbinding.  The Guild's title was chosen to reflect the fact that members come from the wider Wessex region and they now meet regularly just a few miles north of Wimborne.
This exhibition at Walford Mill is an opportunity to celebrate the Guild's 50th anniversary and to look forward to the next 50 years of exceptional craftsmanship and artistry.  The centre-piece of the exhibition will be a display of bindings, one by each of the sixteen current members of the Guild, of a book of particular local interest.  Visitors will be able to see the various stages that take place when binding a book.  There will be displays of different types of bindings including single section, piano hinge, limp building and Japanese stab bindings. 
A workshop for both adults and children will take place during the exhibition and there will be free drop-in demonstrations every Saturday in the gallery at Walford Mill.