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Christmas At The Mill

2nd November-29th December 2019

Christmas Popup Studios

Throughout Christmas At The Mill there will be a series of popup studios on the ground floor of The Mill featuring a varied range of local makers and artists. In addition to seeing exciting new works from talented artists and makers, this is an excellent opportunity to speak to them in person, learn about their sources of inspiration and watch as they apply their skills to a range of materials and art forms.

During the 2019 show the following artists and makers will be featured:

Orla Brady (5Nov-17Nov) - artist, illustrator, photographer

Katie Cook (12Nov-24Nov, 1Dec-26Dec) - mixed media artist

Hi, my name is Katie. I have loved Art since I was very young and I've decided to make it into a business. I also include the family business, which my Father runs and I feel that the crystal homeware products complement the Art that I create. The family has 30 years of experience sourcing the best crystals from around the world. I chose to call my business Carnelian because I am passionate about Art and Crystals. I have been brought up around gemstones all my life. Carnelian is my favourite gemstone because it is a vibrant, eye catching orange which changes in different forms. Not only this but carnelian is believed to heighten your creative insight and boost your courage.

I am inspired by the landscape around me, specifically the beautiful Dorset Jurassic Coast, trees, mystical pathways and animals. I use mixed media such as charcoal, chalk, ink, acrylic and oil paint to create texture and expressive marks within my work. I love to enhance movement in my work by experimenting all the time. I create large scale mixed media paintings, prints and greetings cards.

Lynn Davy (3Dec-8Dec) - individual cutlery with a twist

Vicki Harrison (10Dec-15Dec) - felted animals

Alison Jeffs (17Dec-29Dec) - fused glass

Victoria Martin (12Nov-17Nov, 17Dec-29Dec) - silver jewellery

Victoria's jewellery is made lovingly by hand thus infused with personal energy. Delicate details and a variety of designs ensure each piece is unique. She is most interested in the sentiments behind the gift of jewellery and the personnel connection to the wearer.

Victoria offers a range of jewellery that can be personalised with names, dates or words with personal meaning to the customer.

Victoria is always happy to work with you to individually design and create a piece especially for you.




Tiggy Rawling (10Dec-15Dec) - shiborii and dyed yarn

Emily Stracey (12Nov-17Nov, 17Dec-29Dec) - ceramics, cats and assorted animals

Emily loves to create humorous animals (mainly cats) using clay, textiles, pencils, paint and anything else she can get her paws on! She will be furry busy making at Walford Mill in November, with a selection of her ceramics, textiles, cards and purrints to purrchase...

Hannah Baker (1Dec-15Dec) - presenting a show of works by artists in their teens, drawn from the local region


Arrabella Giles Jewellery

Arrabella Giles - Popup Studio - 26th October - 3rd November 2019


I love colour! I use traditional silversmithing techniques to create contemporary jewellery working with silver sheet and wire. I combine clean simple forms with anodised aluminium or sea glass to add a burst of colour to each design.

I work from my small garden studio in beautiful rural Dorset. My inspiration comes from the glorious colours and patterns that occur naturally in plants, trees and landscapes. I seek to reflect those natural colours and patterns in more linear and abstract forms in the way I dye the anodised aluminium.

Prices range from £40 to £140.




'Rise Of The Spirit Animals' - Sarah Lovell

12th October 2019 - 25th October 2019

Private view 11th October 2019 6pm - 9pm

An exhibition of 10 multimedia animal illustrations by Sarah Lovell

Sarah's illustrations are inspired by wildlife, the outdoors, her three young children, and the magic in the air all around us.

To get a preview of Sarah's work visit her online portfolio and shop at:



Nic Rawling '23 Drawings' And Friends

24th September 2019 - 10th October 2019


Nic Rawling, founder and primary illustrator for The Paper Cinema, has brought together for this one-off exhibition recent works by two former colleagues - Lee Jones and Imogen Charleston - and to complement their creative skills has set himself the challenge of creating 23 unique illustrations based on a series of themes taken from Japanese folk stories and tales not yet told from The Paper Cinema.

There will be a performance of The Paper Cinema's 'Night Flyer and King Pest' on Friday 27th September at 8.30pm at Walford Mill - further details to be announced shortly.



Lee Jones

Lee Jones, 3rd generation sign writer and musician

We are a family sign company, based in Bournemouth and operating in Dorset, Hampshire and the South Coast.

The company began as F.R. Jones & Son in 1954, by Dick Jones, a signwriter, painter and decorator who also specialized in gilding, wood graining and marbling.

His son, Vaughan Jones, joined the company as an apprentice straight from school in the early 1960’s, and took over from Dick upon his father’s retirement, managing a successful sign workshop through the 1980’s, with several signwriters working for him.

Things took a hit with the recession and the advent of vinyl signs. With the demand for painted signs plummeting, Vaughan had to move with the times, working from home with a computer and vinyl plotter, and rebuilding the company customer base.

Hi son, Lee, and wife, Julie, joined the company at the turn of the century, and as Ultrasign, continued to pursue contemporary sign services while still keeping a hand in with traditional techniques, with Vaughan teaching traditional painting and gilding skills so his son.

With Vaughan’s retirement at the end of 2018, and with demand for traditional, hand painted signs growing, Lee has restored the family name to the business, and hopes to offer a comprehensive sign service, with a strong emphasis on the traditional methods used for decades by his family.


Imogen Charleston

Imogen Charleston is a ceramic artist based in Dorset, UK

Growing up on the Dorset coast with a very creative family, Imogen was encouraged to draw, sculpt clay and play musical instruments from an early age. After leaving school she studied art, then electronics, returning to art to complete a BA in Applied Art & Design in 2012.

Imogen’s primary material is clay. She founded Moon Studio Ceramics in 2015 and teaches at her studio in Christchurch. She is co-founder and puppeteer with The Paper Cinema, who have toured their live animation shows internationally since 2004. In 2017 she and five other ceramicists founded Acquired Taste Collective who work together to put on group shows.





A Celebration of Colour

7th September 2019 - 22nd September 2019

Dorset artist Chris Wilmshurst has built a reputation as a popular painter of scenes from around her local town of Wimborne, as well as further afield. It is easy to tell where she gets her inspiration from when you see her vibrant and unusual landscapes and townscapes, but she also loves painting flowers and gardens, still-life, people and animals. She creates work in a wide variety of media and styles and is always keen to experiment with new ideas.

Chris studied art at Leeds University and went on to teach in Sussex before moving to Dorset. Her paintings have been bought by people from around the world. She exhibits in venues around Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire, and is a regular participant in Dorset Art Weeks.



Summer at the Mill



1st August 2019 to 1st September 2019

Summer selling exhibition, featuring artisan crafts by the following local makers:

Emma Leonard - Jeweller

A designer/ maker based near the Bournemouth seaside. Emma makes jewellery that combines natural influences and pattern with clean, considered lines to create a range of striking, individual and wearable designs.

Arrabella Giles - Jeweller

Arrabella uses traditional silver smithing techniques to create contemporary jewellery with silver sheet and wire. Combining clean simple forms with anodized aluminium or sea glass to add a burst of colour to each design. When it comes to Arrabella’s work, it’s all about the colour!

Alan Williams - Jeweller

Simple forms that fuse silver and wood give local jewellery, Alan Williams, work a truly unique and beautiful spirit.

Katherine Message - Ceramics

Katherine’s plates are thrown from porcelain and turned on the wheel. Her pots are decorated with incised designs, others painted with coloured slips and decorated with sgraffito; scratching through the painted layer to reveal the delicate white porcelain beneath.

Sarah Appleton - Textiles

From her studio, Sarah creates statement costume jewellery, prints, greetings cards; and other joyous objects. Taking inspiration from such far- flung places as Science fiction, music, and deep sea creatures, Sarah’s work is a unique view into a truly imaginative mind. Her work has a surreal, illustrative quality which transports the viewer into her highly creative, often humorous, colourful world.

Edward Walker - Wood turner

Beautifully hand- turned wooden bowls, plates and homeware; and intricately crafted wooden pens.by local wood artist Edward Walker. A range of woods used to fit any personal preference. On show will also be his fabulous hand- turned wooden spinning tops! Perfect for your little ones, or as a very early stocking- filler idea.

Val Brandon - Jeweller

Hand crafted silver jewellery, featuring delicate forms and stunning semi- precious stones.

Richard Gibson - Wood (Shaker Boxes)

Inspired by the simplicity and functionality of Shaker design, Richard makes tactile oval wooden boxes in both traditional and contemporary designs. Staying true to the minimalist principles and innovative designs.
The English hardwoods are sourced from locally grown trees in Dorset, and neighbouring counties.

Gill Melly - Jeweller

Contemporary, easy to wear pieces made from pure, and sterling silver and semi- precious stones. Incorporating simple geometric shapes with textures and colours inspired by the changing surface of the sea.

Leila Alford - Air Gardens

Beautiful air plants captured in glass and decorated with coastal treasures. Bringing the calm of the seaside to any space!

Jenny Sibthorp - Textiles

A textile designer and print maker inspired by the colour and surroundings of her farm studio in the Isle of Purbeck. She prints bold and often bright imagery to depict the flora, fauna and landscape of the area. These are made into beautiful homewares and accessories.

Jazmin Velasco - Prints and Ceramics

Inspired by the work of Mexican printmakers, Jazmin’s prints have been regularly selected for the National Print Exhibition, and twice for the Summer Exhibition in the Royal Academy of Arts. Showcasing her prints and ceramics in galleries around the UK.

Laura Boswell - Printmaker

Laura Boswell is a landscape printmaker working exclusively with linocut and traditional Japanese woodblock. She shares the Japanese appreciation of rigorous training; and her work often displays impulsive line and brushwork, requiring meticulous cutting and printing to give the impression of fluid spontaneity.

Laura teaches, writes a column for Artists and Illustrators Magazine and works on the occasional public art project. Her prints feature in national collections including the House of Lords and the Library of Wales.

Gemma Bullen - papercuts

Originally from the New Forest, Gemma now lives and works in South Wales. Working from her home studio, Gemma creates wonderfully playful, and intricate papercuts. Her subject matter varies greatly; from wildlife, pet portrait commissions, automobiles, nautical themes; and typography.

Nicky Stockley - illustrated textiles

Designing and creating her own fabrics and bespoke, handmade products. With an interest in the natural world, and the surreal; Nicola creates illustrations and textiles that balance the traditional and digital mediums, travelling through extraordinary landscapes with encounters of fantastical plants and creatures on the way.

Richard Shimmel - printmaker

Drawn to landscapes and the complexity of trees in particular, Richard makes most of his prints by carving pieces of vinyl flooring to leave an image in relief. Each plate takes weeks to carve, using lino- cutting tools, and sometimes wood- engraving tools to make positive marks.

Sally Winter - etchings and collagraphs

Sally began printmaking 40 years ago after moving to the South Coast. The sea and coastal landscape continue to move her to draw and etch and more recently make collagraphic work in response.

Jen Vincent - linocut printmaker

The beauty of botanicals and the natural world play key roles in the colourful and poetic linocuts of Jen Vincent. Drawn to these themes, the prints she creates encapsulate the character and charm of the diverse natural world around us. A printmaker for a number of years, she has been trusted for pet portraits for her ability to capture personality in our furry family friends.

Vinegar Hill Pottery - stoneware pottery

All Vinegar Hill Pottery tableware has its own unique character, and the range is constantly growing and changing. The work is functional stoneware ranging from espresso cups to casserole dishes, cheese boards and fabulous large jugs. Clean lines and the criteria that form follows function gives their work a minimalist feel. Emphasised throwing lines and curled handles have become trademarks.


2019 Summer Showcase



3rd July 2019 to 28th July 2019

'Summer Showcase' An exciting exhibition featuring the work of artists and makers who will be joining us here at the Mill throughout the coming year as resident makers, tutors, pop-up artists and exhibitors. This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience a taster of jewellery, ceramics, fused glass, textiles, mixed media, paintings and more.

The majority of the items on display are for sale.

Artists and groups exhibiting are:



1st June to 30th June 2019


David and Patricia Eeles joined the Shepherds Well Pottery in London in 1955 then moved to Mosterton, West Dorset in 1962. Their sons, Benjamin and Simon Eeles carry on the family business, producing wood fired stoneware and porcelain fired in a three chambered climbing kiln. Naked crackle and copper fumed raku complete the wide range of work.

In 1990 both Benjamin and Simon became partners in the family pottery resulting in the name being changed from 'Shepherds Well Pottery' to 'The Eeles Family Pottery'. They continued to work together until Patricia's retirement in 2005 and David's death in 2015.

We are thrilled to welcome Benjamin and Simon who will be joining us for our next exhibition - their father being instrumental in starting the Mill with the Dorset Craft Guild 33 years ago.


13th April to 19th May 2019


Walford Mill Crafts resident printmaker and illustrator Robin Mackenzie creates detailed wood engravings and vinyl cuts inspired by Dorset's Jurassic Coast. 'Impressions' brings together Robin's prints alongside work from those that have inspired him in his creative journey. Featuring work by Angie Lewin, Ian Phillips, Eric Ravilious, Rena Gardiner, Andy English, Hilary Paynter and Preeti Sood. 

COLOUR NOTES - Studio 21

2 March - 7 April 2019 

Private View 1 March 2019



Staff and Makers would like to invite you to join us on Friday 1st March at 6pm to celebrate the opening of the new exhibition at Walford Mill Crafts.   

Colour Notes by Studio 21 is a textile group with a high national profile.  This exhibition has already been seen as part of major events in London, Harrogate and Dublin.  Several members make extensive use of print in their work.  Again, there are opportunities for associated workshops later in the year.  

Studio 21 is a group of textile artists who bring together a creative and innovative mix of media and stitched textiles. The aim of the group is to develop and extend innovative techniques and to push the boundaries of traditional expectations in textiles.

Recently Studio 21 was identified as one of the Top 5 UK textile art groups by TextileArtist.com.

The group was formed in 1997 to develop and extend innovative techniques and to challenge and expand on the traditional expectations in textile art and stitch. This continuing evolution is achieved through a structured programme of monthly workshops and critique sessions.

Many members undertake further personal research, studies and courses; others work as teachers, lecturers and are authors of books and magazine articles. Members are regularly represented at textile events throughout the country, and are happy to consider invitations to give talks, workshops and courses.