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Summer At The Mill

7th July - 29th August

Showcasing works from over 30 artists and makers from around the region

Sophie Kilic

13th August - 15th August 2021 and 23rd - 25th April 2021 Popup Studio

As a Dorset girl, growing up in the Wimborne area, I have always had a passion for the sea. In early days my enthusiasm was stimulated by a fascination for fossils, for the creatures in rock pools and for my love of collecting shells. I still enjoy all of these but over the years, I have developed an obsession for the many moods that the sea creates through the water patterns which it plays. I have recently become fascinated by the patterns made by the foam of the waves both in the sea and on the shoreline. I find the infinite variety of ways in which the waves can strike the shore and leave their mark, even on the same stretch of sand, to be a wonder. Combining this with the light play which intermingles with these patterns and the many ways it can reflect on sand or on water is for me a true inspiration, for the sea is ever changing, a kaleidoscope of pattern and light, a perpetual motion, with every fleeting moment a unique moment of beauty which I feel is worth capturing. My intention is to bring attention to the amazingly complex and intricate beauty of the sand and sea and to create a mood which will find its home with the person who identifies with it.

I am a self-taught artist who has been painting and drawing since I was a child, experimenting with different mediums. At present I am working with acrylics, trying to source products which are as kind to the environment as possible. The acrylics I use contain, where possible, non-toxic pigmentation and the canvases are mainly unbleached or use wood which comes from sustainable sources.


Anne Easterbrooke

28th July - 1st August 2021 Exhibition

A Dorset girl and lifelong maker, I love the fabulous Jurassic Coast and my pieces are influenced by aspects of this environment. I am a passionate ceramicist and stitcher and also find inspiration from my fascination with texture and ‘fragments’.

For the last 8 years I have been learning, exploring, experimenting and practicing with clay and I feel that at last I might be getting somewhere. Having recently retired from teaching I am really enjoying the opportunity to spend hours immersed in our home studio alongside the River Frome.

I use a variety of stoneware and porcelain clays and mix them to achieve the colour, texture and properties that I need for each piece; I like to make individual pots which have a personality of their own. Although I enjoy throwing, I find myself increasingly drawn towards hand building, which seems to offer me more opportunity to express my ideas. I currently enjoy making one off pots inspired by the changing moods of the sea, bowls representing rock pools with textured outsides and smooth colourful interiors, and one-off plates and platters which bring a little wow to the table.

Glazes are all handmade and my favourites are the result of much experimentation. I particularly enjoy silky smooth surfaces and very matt glazes, and love the unpredictable nature of volcanic glazes using silicon carbide. All work is fired at cone 6 in an electric kiln. The firing profile is slow and steady with a long controlled cool to develop crystals in the glaze, resulting in a complex and interesting finish.

My stitching has been with me since childhood and although has sometimes been in the background, is having its ‘moment’ now alongside my ceramics. I make my own substrates from handmade paper and love using hand dyed, textured silks. Currently I am exploring uniting stitch and ceramic in one off porcelain pieces inspired by ocean sea beds.
​I live on the edge of the Purbeck Hills and often walk the coastal path with my husband and dogs. We share our pottery studio and work alongside each other developing forms and glazes and sharing a love of life, a passion for ceramics and a gratitude that we live in such a beautiful part of Dorset.

Natalie Chan - Peeking Duck Jewellery

14th July - 25th July 2021 Exhibition



Lisa Berkshire

29th June - 4th July Popup Studio

Drawing is at the centre of all of Lisa’s playfully illustrative work, which she also combines with printmaking, collage, digital effects and her own words and stories.

She creates ranges of original illustrated artworks, digital prints, greetings cards, jewellery, illustrated homewares, hand-painted stones and hand-made assemblage art-objects, and also works on commissions.

Favourite themes are of the sea and its creatures both mythical and real, folk tales, personal narratives, children’s themes and stories, birds, wild animals, Dorset and Cornwall.

Making Life Illustrated!


Colin Smith

25th June - 27th June and 13th - 17th January 2021 Popup Studio

Colin is a local Dorset-based designer-maker and coppersmith. He hand-makes low energy lighting and aims to combine elegant design with functionality and sustainability, using reclaimed materials and operating his business on a climate positive zero waste basis. His lamps all conform with EU safety standards and he is WEEE registered. He undertakes commissions, and sells his work at local events and from his workshop. He is also a featured maker at the Cygnet Gallery in Shaftesbury and at Seed in Frome.

See more of Colin's work at: https://www.copperstuff.net/