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16th Century Reference to a 'mille at Wimburn Town Centre ende' Believed to refer to Walford
1760-1770 Approximate date of the mill buildings on the site
c. 1880 Date attributed by David Popham ('The Book of Wimborne') to the mill
1883 The mill is auctioned by Richard and Sons at Crown Hotel
c. 1900 Construction of boiler room and furnace to drive the mill
c. 1900 Change from waterwheels (undershot) to turbines
1956 Construction of w.c. on the ground floor and extension of the office building for a female clerk
1966 The mill ceased operation. There followed a period of change when the mill was used successively as a coal yard, builders yard and a furniture showroom
1971 Chilcott planning application for change of use from coal yard to builders yard
1972 Chilcott application for demolition of cottage on site and construction of a single storey workshop. Removal of part of the first floor
1972 Avon and Dorset planning application granted for diversion of the river, infilling of hatches and construction of a gauging station
1974 Following diversion of the river, flow in the millstream was severly reduced resulting in silting of the leat. At the request of the owner of the 'Mill House' the turbines were removed
1977 Planning application granted for a portable office onsite by Guildcrest
1982 On the death of Lord Bankes, the mill and the rest of the Kingston Lacy estate was bequeathed to the National Trust
1983 The mill was acquired by Wimborne District Council
1986 Walford Mill becomes home to the Dorset Craft Guild
1996 Walford Mill Education Trust assumes control of all activities