Walford Mill Crafts, Knobcrook Road, off Stone Lane, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1NL
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On-site Makers


On-site Makers

Here at Walford Mill Crafts we have several on-site makers who you can expect to meet and see them at work in their studios. Come and say hello and follow their stories of making.



Caroline Parrott Contemporary Aluminium

Debby Kirby Silk Weaving

Jen Goodwin Hand Embroidery

Robin Mackenzie Printmaking

Wendy Nutt Contemporary Silver Jewellery

Donna Peters Printmaker, artist and educator

Nicholas Rawling Illustrator, artistic director

Tegan Randall Resin Art

Sarah Redmond-Fareham Contemporary Collage Artist

Kate E Randall Acrylics and Oils

Clare Wilson Photographer