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Apr 22, 2015

News from the Gallery Shop

New Sarah Grove Ceramics are here!

'Sarah's range of functional jugs and vases fulfils her love of both clay and stitch.  As a small child Sarah pressed clay into surfaces and formed it around jars.  Now she take the delicate nature of textiles and make them permanent in porcelain. 

Having moved to London to study ceramics, Sarah graduated from Camberwell College of Arts and set up her studio in 2000. She soon returned to her love of pressed surfaces using a fine plaster to fix them and began to exploit a vast range of textures and techniques from sumptuous deeply upholstered silk to thrifty patchwork.  Sarah now stitches, stuffs and upholsters the inexorably feminine textiles, casts in plaster and presses and ‘tailors’ slabs to make porcelain jugs, vases and lamps.  In this form they stimulate memories of comfort, warmth and curiosity.'


Come and see this beautiful new range available in the Gallery Shop.