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The Long Exposure

Photography exhibition

1st - 26th February 2023

Main Gallery

This exhibition,  by The Long Exposure Collective,  has been inspired by four lines from the poem “Why Did I Dream of You Last Night?” by the novelist and poet Philip Larkin, and each member of the collective has created their own personal response to the poem. Through the directness of Larkin’s words, the group has sought to present work that touches on memories, found moments and events, and journeys through time and space.   Philip Larkin (b.1922-d.1985) is one of the most-loved English poets and novelists of the post-war period.   A representative of the Modernist approach, the timeless nature of his words have served as an inspiration for generations. His embrace of radical self-questioning, complex viewpoints and perspectives is reflected in the artists’ interpretations of the poem. The Long Exposure Collective is formed of students who met on the MA in Photography at Falmouth University and who graduated in 2021. Its members are based around the world in the US, Europe and the UK.

The Long Exposure
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