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5 March 2024

Our talented Trust Administrator Mel's dresses are on display in our White Gallery.

Our Trust Administrator Mel Pownall is very busy daily keeping the Mill in order. Out of work, Mel has managed to juggle housework, ironing, and child chauffeuring alongside the creation of stunning seasonal-themed dresses and accessories.

We find out more from Mel ....

Q. What inspired you to create these imaginative pieces?
A. I love sewing and had always wanted to see if I could make a big occasion-type dress with a touch of fairy tale. It was lockdown and after working from home and homeschooling I needed something relaxing to do. I was inspired by a small notebook cover that my mum had made in her sewing class.

Q. How are the dresses made?
A. I stitch and embroider fabric pieces I have at home and net, velvet, upholstery, cotton, silk, wool, felt, ribbon and chiffon are stitched to a felt base for the bodice. The daisies and beads are hand-stitched, and the leaves are made by machine stitching onto soluble fabric with thread. There are two hundred leaves on the Autumn dress (my daughter insisted on counting them all).

Q. How can we see this magical fairytale collection?
A. It will be in the White Gallery at the Mill from Saturday 2nd March

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