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Nicholas Rawling

Illustrator and Artistic director

The Paper Cinema is an illustrated song, a shadow, a smoke, a mirror, a puppet show, a cinema show, side show, magic show, a show and tale, a show off. It exists in the meeting of live music and moving drawings.

What happens at the accidental meeting of inkblots, photocopies, cardboard, angle-poise lamps, the occasional table, video technology, a laptop and a banana box?

Rawling’s universe combines the fantasy of Lewis Carroll and Maurice Sendak, the sketchy realism of Quentin Blake, the gothicism of Hieronymus Bosch and the poise of Alexander Calder’s sculptures. It feels like being taken into your eccentric uncle’s yurt in Dorset so he can show you what he’s been up to. The cumulative charm is akin to the best children’s books or the earliest cinema and zoetrope, providing the perfect salve for all us fluro-overloaded technophobes. Who’d have thought the zeitgeist would be so spartan?

In his spare time between developing future productions for the cinema Nic also undertakes drawings and illustrations on a commission basis.

Nicholas Rawling
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