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Geoff Stone

Illustration pop-up

22nd March - 26th March

Pop-up studio

I am a local artist from Wimborne and am really pleased to have been given the opportunity to exhibit some of my work at Walford Mill Crafts. I attended Allenbourn Middle School in Wimborne where I gained some notoriety for doing cartoons of dinner ladies and teachers. One of whom was my art teacher, Eileen Sharpe who played a huge part in the creation of the Walford Mill Craft Centre. She returned the favour and did a less that flattering caricature of me! After attending QE upper school I studied Graphic Design at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design and then went onto Cambridge College of Arts and Technology (now East Anglia University) to specialise in Illustration. I have always been fascinated by portraiture and caricature and enjoy trying to capture the essence the person I’m drawing.

Geoff Stone
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