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Jenwa Art

Painting pop-up

29th November - 3rd December 2023

Pop-up studio

Jenny is a kitchen table artist who has been creating and studying Art since her childhood through to her university days. Her creative practice took a bit of a back seat while she raised her son and in the last 5 years or so she decided to start sharing her work with the world on social media. This has resulted in participating in lots of exciting projects from exhibiting in locations near and far, from Poole to Sydney, and alongside some well-known artists such as Grayson Perry and Ed Sheeran.
She makes art every spare moment around her day job and is forever noting down ideas for future projects.
Jenny is inspired by colour, capturing the combinations which interest her, and feels compelled to recreate. Her work is predominantly Abstract in style as she loves to explore how she can make the paint move around the surface she is working on. Her work begins life as a sketch, there isn’t a bag she owns without a small sketchbook and a pencil in it.

Her work is created using acrylics and a palette knife using gestural marks to celebrate the textures of the paint. She likes to simplify and abstract the coastal scenes she sees and break them down into colour and movement. She created an Abstract shape she calls a Swish; this shape resembles an incomplete circle and she use it to express how the paints mix and repel in one single shape.

She is launching her new series called “APRICITY- The warmth of the winter sun” which is inspired by a 3 week stay in Cornwall last February. While she was there, she was struck by the views she was experiencing of the Cornish coast and wanted to create a series to mark the visit. The light was captivating, so she began abstracting the views and focusing in on the colours, mixing them directly on the canvas.

Jenwa Art
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