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Jenwa Art

'Colin & Friends - An ornithological adventure'
Painting pop-up

20th - 24th November 2024

Pop-up studio

As an artist Jenny has always found inspiration in the nature around her but in the last year or so has been captivated by the birds in her garden and decided to start using them as inspiration for her art.

She has multiple bird feeders around her garden and takes a lot of photos of them as they flit about and feast on the peanuts. She takes these photos and turns them onto sketches and then into canvases creating both figurative and abstract pieces.

One bird in particular, who is a frequent visitor to her garden, is a pheasant she has named Colin features quite heavily in her work and is a common subject of her Instagram stories.

Because of this love for Colin it only seemed right to call this painting pop up “Colin and Friends - An ornithological adventure”

Jenwa Art
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