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Orchard Felts

Handmade felts pop-up

24th - 28th July 2024 & other dates

Pop-up studio

​Orchard Felts will also be in our pop-up space from the 30th October - 3rd November 2024.

Roz makes a variety of handmade felted gifts with the main focus on felted scarves but also other fashion items, home decor and giftware.

​All her goods are hand felted from wool fibre prepared in various ways from washed fleece wool to carded batts and wool roving.

She uses several felting techniques, wet felting, cobweb felting, nuno felting and needle felting and often work over resists to create special effects, 3D or seamless items.

​In addition to a variety of wool fibres she also often include other natural and synthetic fibres in her work to provide texture and decorative effect.

Orchard Felts
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