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Sarah Moore & Jacqueline Thomas

'Into the Woods'

14th February - 3rd March 2024

Main Gallery

Into the Woods is an exhibition celebrating the shapes, structure and beauty of our native trees.

Sarah Moore is a fine artist and sculptor; her special interest lies in drawing, and especially drawing from the natural world. She has travelled to many locations to study and draw directly from the most interesting and unusual specimens, bringing together an exhibition of her extensive collection of fine tree drawings.

Books by Jacqueline Thomas
Nature under Siege features some of the endangered trees and plants from around the globe that have suffered from the effects of climate change and Man’s exploitation of the natural world.
Plant Hunters explores some of the amazing explorers and adventurers who travelled to the wildest and most remote parts of the world in search of new species of trees, plants, bulbs and seeds.

Sarah Moore & Jacqueline Thomas
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