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Rent a pop-up studio for a week

 The Mill’s Pop-Up space is situated on the ground floor in the centre of the Mill, next to the site of the original mill wheels.  Approximate dimensions of the Pop-Up space are 3m x 2m. Changeable glass shelving is available for creative makers to display and sell their wares. There is also a window shelf, floor level space in the window bay and glass cabinet available as part of the Pop-Up space rental. 

With the Pop-Up space sitting in the heart of the building, visitors to the Mill use this space as a thoroughfare and, as a result love to stop and chat to the makers about their creations. The Pop-Up space is a popular rental spot within the Mill, so booking well in advance is recommended. 

The Mill is all about promoting and supporting local creatives and people visit the Mill to see makers at work on their creations, so a table is provided where makers can sit and paint, draw, create etc. It is important to note that a review of activities will be made prior to a maker being approved as to what they would like to do in this space. Being a Grade II listed building it is not permitted to work with flames, certain substances etc. details of which will be gathered through the online application form. 

  There is disability access to the pop-up space via a lift from the ground floor.  Artists, creative makers etc are expected to advertise their exhibition through their own networks and social media. A selection of pictures and information provided by them will be shared on the Mill’s website. Regular visitors to the Mill keep a close eye on the website and return again and again to visit new people and see their creations. Our exhibitors are asked to set up the display prior to opening times, and a Pop-Up space set up guide is available for reference.  

The 2023 rental for the Pop-Up space is £50 per week (Wed-Sunday). £100 for 2 weeks and £200 for the Month. 

We hope to see you soon! 

Apply here for more information

Pop up studio at Walford Mill Crafts
Pop up studio at Walford Mill Crafts
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