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Natalie Chan

Board member

Natalie has been a Trustee since 2021

'I have 30 years experience in the Finance Industry, working within Risk, Compliance, Operations, Change Management, IT and Business Process governance. Prior experience working in Government, procurement, and sales. Programme Management and leadership skills have proven to be particularly useful as a Trustee, managing multiple streams of different work and building more structure around the way we function as a board, whilst also being able to connect communities within the creative industry and beyond.

Being a Trustee at Walford Mill means I am able to utilize and share many skills gained over years working with a cross section of stakeholders and customers, from communication approach to structure in organisation of events, all the way through to facilitating activities that help drive a positive change.

Working as a volunteer with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, both within the creative industry and other professions is extremely rewarding. The amount of work entailed in being a trustee should not be underestimated but seeing the impact of your and others efforts reaching far out into the surrounding community, makes it all worthwhile. Personally, I love spending time at the Mill, seeing first hand what the positive impacts of having a creative hub such as Walford Mill, are. Makers and Tutors are able to run small businesses, sustaining a local economy, whilst learning from others. The mental benefits of the education offering also goes far beyond learning a new skill. The social and community aspect of education is hugely important and appreciated, and now also being a Tutor myself, I can say with conviction, that a day in the classroom is a huge lift to the spirits to all involved, plus you go home with something hand made.'

Natalie Chan
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